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Magicians' Tricks: How They Are Done, Text Based PDF with Bookmarks

Magicians' Tricks: How They Are Done, Text Based PDF with Bookmarks
Magicians' Tricks: How They Are Done, Text Based PDF with Bookmarks
Magicians' Tricks: How They  Are Done by Hatton and Plate - Known to be Charlie Miller's favorite magic book! More details...
Media Format: Text-based PDF
No. of pages in PDF: 364 p.
Date: 1910
Publisher: The Century Co.
Language: English
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Magicians' Tricks: How They  Are Done by Hatton and Plate -  The legendary Charlie Miller called this book ”his favorite magic book”, and that is quite an endorsement. There is a large section on card magic, with excellent descriptions of passes, palms, forces, changes, a second deal, false shuffles, and a very good selection of effects. There are also chapters on magic with coins, balls, eggs, handkerchiefs, and after dinner tricks. Several well known performers, such as Okito, Karl Germain, and Will Goldston contributed effects as well.

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"Magician's Tricks-How They Are Done"

Jim Patton on 7/16/2013 9:52:31 AM

Your Opinion: It's true! Charlie would invariably recommend this book....For some, an introduction to the clever card magic of Msr. Adrian Plate, an intimate of the legendary Dr. Elliott among others. Check out CA's PDF download "Adrian Plate's Notebooks" for advanced studies and arcana......

"Magicians Tricks:How they are done."

Barry Murray on 7/15/2013 7:14:25 AM

Your Opinion: Excellent book, 'conjuring' in the real sense of the word, as viable today as when published.

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