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PAST SESSION - Master Coin Magic with David Roth [PART ONE]- April 30th- May 28th Saturdays at 12:30 PM EDT

PAST SESSION - Master Coin Magic with David Roth [PART ONE]- April 30th- May 28th Saturdays at 12:30 PM EDT
PAST SESSION - Master Coin Magic with David Roth [PART ONE]- April 30th- May 28th Saturdays at 12:30 PM EDT
Five 75-minute classes. Build a solid foundation for your coin magic with David Roth. More details...
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This class is completed. Look out for other classes soon!
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The journey to mastery begins with a single step.

Dai Vernon, referred to David Roth as "The greatest coin manipulator in the entire world!”

The greatest living master of coin magic wants to teach you his secrets.

Conjuring Arts Master-in-Residence, David Roth, has spent his whole life studying, creating, and performing magic. For the last five decades, he has been teaching his beautiful coin work through his highly-acclaimed lectures to magicians all over the entire world. For years, his highly-sought private lessons have been reserved only to cater to the world’s top magicians... until now. David Roth is offering to pass down his most powerful routines and techniques to you through an entirely new and groundbreaking course of exclusive, live, and intimate lessons.

This is live and in real time filled with interaction and not a series of videos.

Enroll today and start performing great coin magic!

Master Coin Magic

with David Roth


Consists of Five

75 Minute Classes

In which you will learn

* Techniques

* Tricks

* Performance & Presentational Skills

* Audience Management

* Trick, Routine & Program Construction

* Outs & Precautions

* Theory & History

Orientation: TBD
Welcome to Conjuring Arts University
Meet David Roth and your classmates.

Class One: April 30th
Classic Palm & Edge Palm
Placements, transitions, productions and vanishes. The grips studied in motion.

Class Two: May 7th
Finger Palm & Shuttle Pass
Switches, productions and vanishes. The grips studied in motion.

Class Three: May 14th
Thumb Palm & Downs Palm
Studied in the context of one or two professional coin effects.

Class Four: May 21th
Two Masterpieces
An in-depth study of Winged Silver and Chink A Chink.

Class Five: May 28th*

*Please be aware that this is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Please note that refunds will not be granted if you cannot make this session.

One Hand Switches & Palm Change

Studied in the context of one or two professional coin effects.

Exam: May 28th (Immediately After Class)

Private Final Examination

David Roth tests your new knowledge & acquired skills one-on-one.

Saturdays at 12:30 PM EST

Classroom opens at 12:30 PM EST

Lesson runs from 12:45 PM to 2 PM EST

Time Zone Converter

Google is the platform Conjuring Arts University uses and each class will be held on Google Hangouts. Each student will receive a dedicated Gmail account and access to their online classroom at Google Classroom.

You can find out more about Google Hangouts here:

And more about Google Classroom here:

It’s simple and easy:

  1. You’ll receive an invitation via Google Calendar to your email about one hour before class.

  2. You’ll click a link in the event description and fill in your name to join the Hangout.

You must also have a working webcam, microphone, and a table at which to sit during the lessons as well as all of the necessary materials.

For this course, you will need the following props:

  • Close-up Pad or soft surface

  • Coin purse

  • 5 half dollars

  • Two Copper English Pennies

  • Double Faced Coin (Half Dollar/English Penny) *Must match your English Penny & Half Dollar

  • Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo or Expert Coin Magic by David Roth

This course has a maximum of 10 students. It will be conducted via the internet and all students will be able to see, speak with and demonstrate their work for Mr. Roth. Each student will have personal feedback and instruction from Mr. Roth.

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"Like no other."

David Cotelessa on 8/2/2016 5:28:41 PM

Your Opinion: Getting down the foundations can take years, as it has for me. But there is no other way to get better faster than to have a master guide you, and David is one of the best. Getting down to the basics of not only how, but why to do things, and having a conversation to find what works best makes what could easily be overlooked or done badly convert into always-on-hand sparkling routine. I never leave the house with a few coins in my pocket now, because I gained confidence through David's care and ... More details

"Part One"

Ivor on 8/2/2016 10:04:03 AM

Your Opinion: One month ago the sum total of what I knew about coin magic was the French drop and the tunnel pass. I was a beginner with a very weak foundation. The course with Mr. David Roth turned out to be an interactive glimpse into his mind as to how (technique), when (timing and misdirection) and why (creating pure art) you do each part of the routines taught. That is not in a book anywhere and is probably more valuable than what you can learn in a book or DVD. Learning with Mr. Roth was worth the time ... More details

"Master coin magic with David Roth"

Ivor pugh on 6/8/2016 11:46:20 PM

Your Opinion: Fantastic experience. I am grateful for this learning experience. Ivor

"Coin magic with David Roth"

Thomas Höglinger on 6/3/2016 11:15:14 PM

Your Opinion: Great !!! looking forward to part two Thomas

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